Embrace the Chances

Each day that we live, we are presented with more options, choices, and chances than we can consciously comprehend. Now, they’re not all grandiose and gargantuan enough to tip the world on its axis, but they have the potential to be life-changing nonetheless. So often we neglect to even notice these options, choices, and chances that we deem little or inconsequential. Because they are often fleeting, they don’t appear to be important in the grand scheme of things. But in truth, the little ones set the stage for bigger ones!

Our willingness to chase after and embrace our chances (options and/or choices) is the piece that’s actually astronomical. In order to propel ourselves to higher levels of productivity, experiences, and existence, we must embrace the smaller chances presented to us each day by God. Embracing chances requires the faith that since God is there presenting this chance, then surely He’s awaiting us in the other side! When we shrink away from these chances, we are turning away from a divine destiny, orchestrated by God, that’s pushing us toward becoming our best selves! He knows EXACTLY what we need to push us to the next level in our lives every time there’s a need for elevation. So trust God. Be willing to see the chances He lays before you. And embrace those chances with love, passion, and purpose each and every single day!