‪Stop Existing and Start LIVING! ‬

So much wasted time on pointless things. Time lost with loved ones for “the grind”? To prove something to the world? To feel worthy? Worthy of what? Spreading ourselves so thin, we have nothing left to give to those we’ve pledged to give our all to? Or worse, staying in bad or toxic situations (jobs, relationships, organizations) just to be able to say we “stuck it out”. Day in and day out, doing what we’re told to do or feel obligated to do, even if it’s to our detriment. Then in a flash, people are gone. Gone from this life. Gone with purpose unfulfilled and dreams unrealized. Gone with passion and inspiration snuffed our, never to be shared. Enough! Stop existing and start LIVING! If it hurts you all the time, it’s not for you! If you’re dying in it, it’s not for you! If you’re scared, that’s okay! Courage isn’t the absence of fear! It’s the ability to push through in spite of that fear. You are more than your failures and shortcomings! You are more than what people have told you you are! You are better than broken! You are the uniquely gifted masterpiece God has created you to be! Don’t let the limited thoughts, views, and existences of others limit you! Soar like the eagle that you are!

Published by

Rhoyal Empress

Liane Stone Ingalls (Rhoyal Empress) is a lover of all things creative, unique, breath-taking, and beautiful. She is a writer, poet, singer, songwriter, teacher, mentor, and an unapologetic champion of creative souls and the underdog. She believes in Jesus (not feigned religiosity), love, social justice, equal rights, equity, and the pursuit of happiness. She is an African American woman learning to triumph while living with depression and anxiety, along with helping her daughter manage her own mental illness. Her poetry is her love letter to the uniqueness of this complex journey through life. It exists to share her story with all the tragedies and triumphs as she finds her way through the labyrinth of being black and female in America, all while dealing with mental illness, in a culture that often condemns those stricken with the disease.

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